Vedic Astrology for Everyone

Jyotish Computer is easy to use. Analyze events or see current transits. Keep database of your events and places.
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Modern design

Written in SwiftUI. Takes advantage of the latest Apple framework. Works on iPhone and iPad.

Dark Mode

Thanks to SwiftUI, Dark Mode is built-in.

Big screen support

Analyze two divisional charts simultaniously on iPad.

No external dependencies

Jyotish Computer doesn't use any 3rd party libraries to calculate or display charts.
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Jyotish Computer comes with lots of features. And we keep adding more.
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3 Chart Styles

Northern (Shukra Chakra), Southern (Guru Chakra), and Eastern (Surya Chakra) chart styles.

Divisional Charts

Analyze popular devisional charts up to D60.

Dasha Periods

Analyze Vimshottari Dasha and 8 of its variations up to Pranadasha.